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This is our hassle-free solution for all your payment gateways needs.

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Introducing Fishry Pay: Your Hassle-Free Payment Solution!

Tired of the tedious on-boarding requirements for your e-commerce website’s payment gateway? Look no further – Fishry Pay has got you covered! With Fishry Pay, merchants can instantly sign-up and enable the online payment gateway on their e-commerce website, without the hassle of lengthy procedures.

Complete Payment Suite: Accept All Payment Methods

Fishry Pay offers a comprehensive payment suite, empowering merchants to cater to a diverse customer base with ease. Our platform enables you to seamlessly accept various payment options, including card payments, direct account payments, and wallet payments. Provide your customers with seamless payment experiences, and witness higher satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

Our integration with all major local and international payment gateways allows you to select one or more gateways of your choice. This flexibility ensures that you can offer multiple payment options to your customers, including prepayment through credit cards, mobile payments, and wallets.

Pre-integrated payment gateways

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Manage with Ease: Dynamic Dashboard & Real-Time Analytics

Fishry Pay provides a dynamic dashboard with enriched analytics that are updated in real-time. Stay on top of your payment transactions, track performance metrics, and gain valuable insights to optimize your business operations. The intuitive dashboard empowers you to make data-driven decisions and drive your e-commerce success.

Instant Payouts: Withdraw Funds Effortlessly

Through the Fishry Pay dashboard, merchants can withdraw their settlement funds instantly. Say goodbye to waiting for payouts and enjoy quicker access to your earnings. Our streamlined payout process ensures that you have complete control over your funds and can manage your finances efficiently.

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Seamless Customer Experience: Dynamic & Simple I-Frame

With Fishry Pay’s dynamic and user-friendly I-Frame, customers can enjoy a seamless checkout experience, enhancing their satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases. The i-frame is designed to be responsive and adaptive, ensuring a consistent and delightful user experience across various devices.

Transparent Pricing: Cost-Effective Solution

At Fishry Pay, we believe in providing a cost-effective solution for merchants. Our pricing includes a one-time setup fee, and monthly account maintenance is absolutely free. You only pay competitive rates for actual transactions, making Fishry Pay a budget-friendly choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Easily Sync Data with Open APIs & Webhooks

Integrating Fishry Pay with your e-commerce platform is hassle-free with our open APIs and webhooks. These APIs automate the process of accessing and delivering data from and to any platform, streamlining your operations and enhancing the efficiency of your payment processing.

Gain complete access to different functionalities through APIs in our powerful platform to build an e-commerce store of your vision. On top of that, your e-store will be in line with the market trends as our ever-evolving features will make improvements to your e-store free of cost and always keep you in the forefront.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our product

Got a question? We’ve got you covered! Check out the resources below and be sure to let us know if we can answer anything else.

Why Fishry Pay?

Fishry Pay is the ultimate one-stop shop payment solution for merchants of all sizes and industries. We aggregate multiple payment collection options and offer them as a unified solution, streamlining the payment process for you.

How is Fishry Pay better than conventional payment gateways?

Unlike conventional banks that require tedious documentary requirements and integration time, Fishry Pay enables instant sign-up and activation of the online payment gateway. Additionally, Fishry Pay consolidates all payment collection options under one unified gateway, simplifying the process for you.

Why should the client switch from COD to Fishry Pay?

Switching from COD to Fishry Pay offers numerous benefits. Digital payments reduce order return/cancellation rates, saving costs associated with these processes. It also increases business efficiency and customer convenience, leading to improved revenue. By adopting digital payments, merchants can enhance their bottom line and offer a more reliable and secure payment method to customers.

Is Fishry Pay a digital wallet?

Fishry Pay is not a digital wallet provider. It is an online payment gateway that enables merchants to collect card payments, direct account payments, and wallet payments, providing a more comprehensive payment solution.

How is Fishry Pay different from other 3rd party payment gateways?

Fishry Pay stands out by offering value-added services, including a dynamic dashboard with real-time stats and an instant payout feature for quick access to settlement funds. Our goal is to empower merchants with the tools they need to optimize their businesses.